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  1. Plural of assumption

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An assumption is a proposition that is taken for granted, that is, as if it were known to be true.
Assumption may also refer to:
  • In logic, more specifically in the context of natural deduction systems, an assumption is made in the expectation that it will be discharged in due course via a separate argument.
  • Assumption reinsurance, a form of reinsurance whereby the reinsurer is substituted for the ceding insurer and becomes directly liable for policy claims
  • In real property law, an assumption is the mortgage transfer from the seller to the buyer
  • In business planning and business plans, an assumption is an assertion about some characteristic of the future that underlies the current operations or plans of an organization
  • Assumption (Poker), a fictional type of Poker game variation, using Tarot cards instead of traditional playing cards. It appears as a primary plot point in the novel "Last Call" by Tim Powers. Fans of the author often play Assumption when at conventions or writing workshops
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